Be a Group Leader

All CARA training programs rely on CARA member group leaders to provide guidance, knowledge, and motivation to help runners successfully complete their training. Successful group leaders are able to make a significant impact on the runners they lead as they work towards their personal goals.

Group leaders have three primary responsibilities: Keep Runners Safe, Accurately Pace their Group and Keep their Group Organized.

Group Leader Requirements:

  • Experience / Pace - Group leaders should have a background in racing the distance they plan to lead and be comfortable running the pace they plan on leading. Past experience as a participant in CARA training is preferred.

  • Leader Training - Group leaders will be asked to complete a group leader training session. Please read the Group Leader Guide.

  • Attendance - Group leaders must commit to consistent attendance and avoiding absences through all weeks of training. A maximum of three absences is allowed. Additionally, for the Summer Marathon Training Program, group leaders are expected to serve as pacers at the Ready to Run 20 Miler (held the Sunday three week's prior to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon).

  • CARA Membership - Group leaders are required to hold an active CARA membership to apply and membership should be maintained while group leading.

Policies / Communications:

  • Group leaders are expected to follow and promote CARA training program policies, follow the CARA training plan when leading their group, encourage participants to take part in training program events (Ready to Run 20 Miler and Marathon VIP), positively support CARA and stay informed on CARA communications. Group leaders may not use their position as a group leader for commercial gain or to promote companies/products. Group leaders commit to reading all weekly newsletters and communications.

Current Opportunities / Benefits:

  • Winter Half Marathon Training

    • Received waived Training Program fees.

    • Invitation to the CARA Annual Volunteer Party and other group leader social events.

    • Group leader winter apparel item.

    • Year-end group leader gift.

  • Beginning Running

  • Spring Half Marathon Training

  • Summer (Chicago) Marathon Training

    • Receive waived Training Program, Ready to Run 20 Miler, and Marathon VIP Experience fees.

    • Receive free single session tickets to all Summer Six Series Social Runs.

    • Invitation to the CARA Annual Volunteer Party and other group leader social events.

    • Group leader running tank.

    • Year-end group leader gift.

    • Receive access to post-close entries to the 2018 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Group leaders must be approved by May 1, 2018. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon registration fee is the responsibility of the group leader. Contact with questions.

  • Summer Half Marathon Training