CARA Circuit Club Competition

The CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit has long been a source of camaraderie for local runners and within and between local running clubs. Runners of all levels annually participate in CARA Circuit Races to chase personal and competitive goals, to complement their year-long training programs and to enjoy the camaraderie of the CARA running community. 


Area running clubs, racing teams, running store, and corporate teams are eligible to participate. There is NO fee for running clubs to participate. 


Running clubs should e-mail their intent to participate to E-mail must include a club name, team captain name, captain e-mail, and captain phone.

Club Rosters:

Prior to a team's first race, the team captain must e-mail a club roster in excel format with each club member's first name, last name, gender, date of birth, city, state, and e-mail. The roster may be updated at any time through the season. A runner will not be counted for a club's score until they are on the team's roster. Rosters and or roster updates must be received at least 24 hours prior to a race to score at that race. If a runner is listed on multiple clubs rosters, the scorer will require that runner to declare a club to score for.


The top three teams in each category are awarded at the CARA Awards Party.


  • Combined Club (males and females all ages)

  • Male Open (males all ages)

  • Female Open (females all ages)

  • Male Masters (males age 40 & over)

  • Female Masters (females age 40 & over)

  • Male Veteran (males age 50 & over)

  • Female Veteran (females age 50 & over)

  • Male Senior (males age 60 & over)

  • Female Senior (females age 60 & over)


Runners may score for their club in all categories they qualify for.

In each category, clubs receive points based on their rank within that category at each race. First place receives 15 points, second 14 points, third 13 points and so on. 

Only a club's EIGHT best races scores count towards their final point total. All other scores are dropped. But clubs will score in all races.

If a team does not have enough runners for a complete team at a particular race, their rank will be determined by adding needed scores equal to a time 10% slower than the last place runner in the race.

Ranking Determination: 

Combined Category: At each race, each participating team member receives an age-graded score for the finish time. A team's rank is determined by the combination of their top FIVE runners age-graded score. 

Open Categories: The finish times of each team's top FIVE runners (male and female) are combined. A team's rank is determined by its total finish time.

Masters, Veteran, Senior Categories: The finish times of each team's top THREE runners (male and female) are combined. A team's rank is determined by its total finish time.