Charity Running

The Chicago Area Runners Association' (CARA) has a long history in charity running. Each year approximately 800 CARA members run for a local or national charity to make their miles more meaningful through charity fundraising.

CARA's own Team CARA 'Go Run charity team fundraises for CARA advocacy programs, most specifically our 'Go Run program. CARA’s ‘Go Run program has an objective to activate neighborhood parks, build communities and encourage active lifestyle through running and volunteerism. Since spring 2016, CARA and the Chicago Park District have partnered to provide over 150 free and timed runs/races in local parks around Chicago. With ‘Go Run, getting involved in organized running has become more accessible by removing the barriers to get involved in running. The program has created a welcoming and unintimidating atmosphere for anyone who has a desire to race, run, jog, walk or volunteer in their local park, all with a no cost registration.

CARA also partners with approximately 50 local and national non-profit organizations through our charity partnership program. The program allows charitable organizations of all sizes and interests to partner with CARA as they raise funds through charity running fundraising. Running for charity allows runners to make their miles more meaningful. CARA charity partners are able to connect with CARA's community of runners through a varity of resources, including training programs which help runners reach the finish line and stay on target for their fundraising goals. CARA provides over $65,000 per year in training program fee subsidies to support its charity team partners. Charity team leaders, contact Jillian at to learn more about how a CARA partnership can support your team and its fundraising efforts.