'Go Run Community Runs

CARA’s ‘Go Run program has an objective to activate neighborhood parks, build communities and encourage active lifestyle through running and volunteerism. Since spring 2016, CARA and the Chicago Park District have partnered to provide over 150 free and timed runs/races in local parks around Chicago. With ‘Go Run, getting involved in organized running has become more accessible by removing the barriers to get involved in running. The program has created a welcoming and unintimidating atmosphere for anyone who has a desire to race, run, jog, walk or volunteer in their local park, all with a no cost registration.

Learn more about participating in 'Go Run at 'Go Run needs volunteers to operate. Please consider going to and signing up to volunteer for a run this season. To donate to CARA in support of 'Go Run please visiting our donations page.

To inquire about taking a leadership role in 'Go Run, or to learn how to bring a 'Go Run to your neighborhood e-mail