'Go Run Timed-Runs

Race, Run, Jog, Walk, Volunteer - #GoRun Your Park.

Free timed 1 Mile and 5K runs in local parks

Let's run together at 'Go Run! Everyone is invited to their neighborhood park to race, run, jog, walk and volunteer. Long-time runners, newcomers, families, and children are invited to take part. 'Go Runs are FREE and open to anyone in our effort to make running accessible. Through 'Go Run, CARA, and the Chicago Park District have an objective to activate neighborhood parks, build communities and encourage an active lifestyle through running and volunteerism. 

All runs are timed and results will be posted online quickly after each run on our RESULTS PAGE


'Go Runs are FREE, but you must register before your first run each calendar year. Please register online by Friday at 9:00 a.m. before your first 'Go Run or you may register in-person at 'Go Run between 8:15 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. You only need to register once per the calendar year, and your registration is good for all three parks.

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The volunteers at each ‘Go Run are as important to the mission of the program as are the runners and walkers. Expect a laid back, fun, community atmosphere. Some will race, others will just run, jog or walk. Strollers and friendly dogs on a leash are welcome. 



2018 Schedule



More dates to be added soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate? 

‘Go Runs are open to anyone who wants to race, run, jog or walk a 1 Mile or 5K at their local park. Those under 18 must have their parent or guardian sign the participation waiver.

Can I run and be a volunteer?

Yes, you may choose to run certain 'Go Runs and volunteer at others.  Or, you may also volunteer for pre-run duties, such as set-up, registration and or check-in, and then do the run.  

Can I bring my kids? 

Yes, ‘Go Runs are open to all ages. Parents / Guardians are responsible for the supervision and safety of their children. 

Can I run with a stroller? 

Yes, but for safety reasons those with strollers please line up behind other participants at the start. Through the run please stay aware of your surroundings as the park paths are not closed for these events.

Can I run with a dog? 

Yes, if your dog is friendly and well behaved in large groups you’re welcome to bring your dog. Please have your dog on a leash, abide by all Chicago Park District regulations and also please line up behind other participants at the start.

Can I participate in a wheelchair?

Yes, please join us!  Note: Some of our routes include some non-paved crossings or uneven pavement.

What about bikes, roller blades, hand cycles and other wheeled vehicles?

No, 'Go Runs are for those on foot only (except for those in wheelchairs and strollers).

Are their competitive awards? 

No, there are no competitive awards. 

Where can I find results? 

Results will only be posted online at

Do I need to register for each run? 

No, you only need to register once for ‘Go Run each calendar year.  Once you have registered for the current year you are registered for every ‘Go Run in that year at all three parks. Runners may not run under another runner's registration at any time.

Can I run at different parks? 

Yes, you are welcome to explore all ‘Go Runs parks under the same registration.

How do I earn incentives? 

Those who officially finish and or officially volunteer (or combination of both) at five 'Go Runs in the same season will receive a free incentive shirt. 

What is the events weather policy?

We will run rain or shine. However, if there is lightning or other hazardous weather we will cancel or postpone. Weather-related announcements will be made through the twitter feed at or

How do I share my ‘Go Run experience?

Tell everyone you know!  Bring your friends, make new ones and activate your park through community engagement. On social media use the hashtag #GoRun. 

I’ve met some great people at ‘Go Run, what’s next? 

Organize a run during the week, have a picnic after the next ‘Go Run, go out for coffee… the community needs you to take charge and bring people together. Be creative and make sure ‘Go Run doesn’t end at the finish line.


'Go Runs reserve the right to deny or cancel a registration when deemed necessary.

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