Lakefront Trail Separation Project

As the voice for runners in Chicagoland, CARA, in collaboration with Active Transportation Alliance, is actively engaged with the Chicago Park District on the ongioning Lakefront Trail separation project. CARA representatives meet with Chicago Park Districts staff near weekly to discuss the project and represent the needs of runners.

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Trail Project Status:


All information here is subject to change and may be tenative.
Foster to Montrose: Beginning the week of May 28, the current Lakefront Trail by Lakeshore Drive will be closed for paving and striping to convert it to a pedestrian only path. This may happen in segments or all at once. During this time, all traffic will be routed east to use either the new future bike path that runs along Simmonds and around Cricket Hill, or to the lakeside trail. Look for detour signs at this time. See MAP.
Montrose to Fullerton: Tentatively, around the second week in June the Lakefront Trail along the golf course will be closed to begin construction on seperated paths. All traffic will be detoured to the lakeside trail on the east side of the golf course.  Look for detour signs at this time.
River to Roosevelt: This section has re-opened. Pedestrians are now on the path furthest east, with bikers on the path furthest west. The unpaved path between the two will stay and is permanent. Additional material will be laid on this path. Signage for bike and pedestrian paths will also be implemented.
Measurement: During construciton, mileage markers may begin to become inaccurate. Once the Lakefront Trail Separation Project is complete, the Chicago Park District has agreed to have CARA complete the official measurement of the path. CARA will measure the path using USATF course certification equipment and guidelines.