Contact CARA

By Staff Member

Please direct general inquiries to or call 312-666-9836. CARA is located at the following address:

Chicago Area Runners Association
549 W. Randolph St, Suite 704
Chicago, IL 60661
 Greg Hipp (e-mail | 312-262-7831) Executive Director
Tim Bradley (e-mail | 312-262-7833) Director, Training Programs (Coach)
Alona Banai (e-mail | 312-262-7830) Director, Partnerships
Jillian Andrada (e-mail | 312-262-7832) Manager, Charity Partnerships, Training Program Operations
Dale Erdmier (e-mail | 312-262-7838) Manager, Communications and Marketing
Nick Schneigert (e-mail | 312-262-7835) Manager, Programs and Events
Astrid Grimes (e-mail | 312-262-7836) Organizational and Membership Manager
Tom Cuffe (e-mail)** Coach, Training Programs
Greg Itahara** Special Projects/Graphic Design
Janice Brinke (e-mail)** Bookkeeper 

**Staff member does not work in the CARA office, please e-mail to contact, or call our main line at 312-666-9836.


By Program / Event

Please direct all general inquiries to or 312-666-9836

Program / Event Contact Person
Awards Party Greg Hipp
Charity Training Partnerships Jillian Andrada
'Go Run Nick Schneigert
Fun Runs
Marathon VIP Experience Jillian Andrada
Orangetheory Fitness Ready to Run 20 Miler Greg Hipp
Personal Coaching Tom Cuffe
Race Calendar Astrid Grimes
Race Certification Nick Schneigert
Race Director Clinics Greg Hipp
Runners' Choice Circuit Nick Schneigert
Six Series Alona Banai
Stars! Youth Club Leah Bohr
Super Clinic
Jillian Andrada
Team CARA Charity Team Jillian Andrada
Training Programs / Clinics Tim Bradley
Volunteers Nick Scheigert
Wintrust Lakefront 10 MIler & 5K Greg Hipp