Meet Eve

While there are lots of great resources out there such as books, free training plans, and videos, those resources do not come close to a coach or training program such as CARA’s...

Meet Eve

Eve won the 2016 Athena Category for the Lakefront 10 Miler!

Eve works for a Chicago-based nonprofit that concentrates on improving the environment and local economies, and is a self-described doting mother of two nine-year-old twins. Aside from driving the kids to jutjitsu and soccer, she also makes sure to get in short runs and long runs throughout her week.

1) Why do you love running the Lakefront 10 Miler & 5K?

The Lakefront 10 Miler seems more about running than many other races. This race draws year-round runners looking for an early season, longer run. The race meanders on the Lakefront path, assorted trails and roads and has two trips up and down Cricket Hill. In addition, this race has a fantastic atmosphere. Last year the weather was fantastic, too.

2) What makes you proud to run in the Clydesdale or Athena category?

My weight oscillates between 158 and 162 lbs. Most people seem shocked when I say what my weight is and that is because we, as individuals and as a society, lie to ourselves about weight all the time. The average American woman weighs 166 lbs and the Athena division spans 155-169 lbs. The Athena category should, by comparison, be a HUGE division. Two years ago I lost 30 pounds to achieve a healthy BMI and have worked hard to keep the weight off. Having wasted lots of time and energy obsessing about my weight and feeling “fat,” I have come to realize that the only thing that will make this better is transparency. Running in the Athena publicly states my weight range and that I am OK with it.

My run at the race reflected my training and my discipline during the race. The 8:27 pace exceeded my 8:30 goal for the race. I was really proud of that. Winning the category was rewarding.

3) How do you train for races? What other races do you run?

I think more in terms of season. I pick a group of races to do and organize those races around achieving specific goals. In 2016, I did Live Grit, Shamrock Shuffle, Ravenswood Dash, Soldier Field, Sunset Half Marathon and the Chicago Half Marathon. I organize workouts around the goals I want to achieve which are primarily around running faster and more consistently. Speed work, tempo runs and setting pace goals for each run are critical.

While there are lots of great resources out there such as books, free training plans, and videos, those resources do not come close to a coach or training programs such as CARA’s.

4) What do you love most about running and training? How has it influenced your life?

In 2012, I got into running to help with weight management, but it has become so much more. On some level it gives me the space to focus on myself, which was much more important when my children were younger. Now, going for a run simply makes me happy. Being outside, getting exercise and exerting myself brightens my day.

Exercise is an important part of a virtuous cycle for me. When I exercise I sleep better, when I sleep better I eat better and when I feel better I want to exercise more.

5) What would you tell someone who is considering the Lakefront 10 Miler & 5K but hasn’t signed up yet?

Sign up and do it! It’s a great race and a good start to the season. Having a longer run in the early racing season can motivate you to maintain longer runs during the winter to create a better base for the rest of the year.

If you would like more information about the Wintrust Lakefront 10 Miler & 5K, please click here!